I was recently on Kure Beach in North Carolina. Beth, my wife, and I were enjoying the beautiful sunset while standing over the water on the Kure Beach Pier. The pier is primarily a fishing pier. Fishermen and women lined up on both sides all the way down to the end. Standing on the pier […]


In my recent “what does the talent need” survey, the idea of crafting a perfect tease came up. Wow, an assumption that teases actually belong on radio and/or podcasts. In my world to tease or not to tease is the question. The answer is in the execution.  For example, if you are performing on an […]

Creating Special Moments

This is a quickie. More of an add-on for creating special moments. During my time in Phoenix I was blessed with amazing performers on all of my stations. What a fantastic group of passionate folks. Truly an amazing experience, one of which you benefit from by reading, listening, and watching my stuff. On KDKB my […]

Know Your Place

As I was proofreading my book, Mutations: Talent Coaching, Leadership, and Whimsical Wisdoms, I came across a chapter that intrigued me again. Of course, in the book it is a different thought and I’m happy to report that my very own book even makes me think. In this particular chapter, and I’ll let you find […]


My soapbox this week is all about the honor that we get when we have a conversation. I’m positioning the idea so that it will stick in my mind. When we sit down to have a conversation (not that we always sit) are we honoring the conversation and the other person? I’m pointing three fingers […]

Transfer Emotion

There is a chapter in my book about getting your listener in the moment. It is all about transferring emotion. That happens through words. Sometimes, when I listen to the radio, I’ve heard a kind of fragmented sentence presentation. You know, leave the verb out. Leave out all the adjectives. For example, “57 degrees… Chris […]


Today’s thought is about habits. Some perspective about how you approach your on-mic work. Habits are good, sometimes. You know, we get into “good habits” as we’ve heard others say. Habits are one way your mind works. Your brain has so many things to remember, habits are a good stand by. For example, if I […]

What is She Doing?

Under the heading of “let’s have some great conversation” here is this week’s rant! What I was thinking about this week was the subject touched on in the last entry: The privilege. The privilege we are given when we get to talk with your listener through the speakers whether that be from a radio station, […]

What about Orlando?

Today is a tough day. It’s a tough day to coach on air talent. This writing is happening the day after one of the worst terrorist attacks in our country outside of 911. 49 killed and more than 50 injured in Orlando by, what appears to be an act of terrorism. I’m active in coaching […]