Coaching – Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling   Lots of chatter around the microphone cooler about storytelling. Is this just a fad or is storytelling really “a thing?” In my take on what we do behind the mic, and for that matter in life, storytelling is not “a thing” it is “THE THING.” This conversation (or story if […]

Coaching – Age Appropriate

Age Appropriate   How old are you? How young are you? Even though you may never reveal your birthday through that microphone, you still indicate your age by what you say and what you do not say–by what you push through the speakers and by what leave out. The question is not for you to […]

Coaching – In the Moment

In the Moment   The technology revolution, which has been progressing rapidly since the 80s and maybe even earlier than that, has generated a number of phrases and trends. For example, “logging out” and “download” were not a part of our language until we had a need. Lately the new thing is being “in the […]

Coaching – Targeting

Targeting   What about targeting? The first in a series about targeting. It is a favorite topic of marketers, programmers, and podcasters. You’ll hear it often; “Who is your target?” The conversation runs short when people check the box that says “have you identified your target?” This short introduction sets the table for our conversation […]

Coaching – Assumptions

Assumptions   What is the old saying about the word assume? It goes something like “don’t assume because you make something out of you and me?” In our environment, as people that work behind he microphone in podcasting, video, or radio, there is a natural cognitive train that assumes your target knows what you know. […]

Coaching – Topicality

Topicality   You’ve seen the job board ads: “Looking for the next best thing for my morning show! Topical, funny, and work for nothing!” So what does it mean to be topical. It turns out that being topical has been an incredible weapon for success that sometimes gets buried in technique and analysis. Is topical […]

Coaching – Encouragement

Encouragement   Seems a few have been injured by bad coaching. You know the type. The one that just wants to tell you what is wrong. Kind of like that doctor that feels obligated to write a prescription–even if nothing is wrong. In my view, a coach should find your strengths, your gift, and coach […]