Today’s thought is about habits. Some perspective about how you approach your on-mic work. Habits are good, sometimes. You know, we get into “good habits” as we’ve heard others say.

Habits are one way your mind works. Your brain has so many things to remember, habits are a good stand by. For example, if I learned something and that something worked well for me, then I’m going to do it again. In fact, if it works well many times my mind will categorize it so as to use less brain power when the “something” comes up again. A habit is formed. “Second nature” is born.

Some get into the habit of drinking because they perceive a good result. Escape, euphoria, no problems, laughter. One day that person wakes up with the understanding that the habit has turned into an addiction that is not easy to get rid of and the “habit” is interfering with life. Then what?

Beth and I love to dine out. We love the experience we love the taste of different foods all the time. It is our habit to find new food experiences. Thanks to our “habit” we are carrying more weight than we’d like. Now what?

One of my pet peeves is the time that we spend on Facebook. I use Facebook for networking and social. However, the time spent there “keeping up” sometimes eats into other things in life. I’ve seen some people who will post fifteen-plus and sometimes up to fifty times per day. It’s fun! There is a habit there of going to Facebook doing the thing but then there’s the time that you lose. Good quality time with maybe others or maybe work time and you lose your job but you’ve got the good habit of Facebook.

That brings me to the on-mic part as you sit down and do your voice tracks (or whatever). You know how to do those things because you’ve done them successfully so many times in the past. You know how to put those into the system. You know how to record them and the exact limit time. You know the commands to fire the automation. You may have been told by some PDs that there is an exact way to do it. So you do it just like that, every time. But, what about the listener? Is your “habit” still working on them? Is it still effective or is your habit lacking emotion?