Creating Special Moments

This is a quickie. More of an add-on for creating special moments. During my time in Phoenix I was blessed with amazing performers on all of my stations. What a fantastic group of passionate folks. Truly an amazing experience, one of which you benefit from by reading, listening, and watching my stuff.

On KDKB my morning show was Tim and Mark—Arizona’s Funniest Morning Show. One day they curiously asked a simple question. They sincerely wanted to know if the listener had the answer. The question was fairly simple. “What’s the first thing you know,” they queried.

The phones (that day’s social media) lit up with people that knew they had the answer! “The first think you know is your Mom,” blurted one listener. Another said “The first think you know is how to pee and poop.” (it was a rock station). On and on it continued. “The first thing you know is light,” the answers poured in for days on end.

Literally! I can’t remember if it was an entire week or just a couple days, but the bit was alive. Hundreds of people were taking a shot at that “first thing” question. Conversations at work, over the dinner table, on the golf course. Stories and rational as to the nature of each guys became the norm.

Finally, at just the right time Mark revealed to Tim—with the appropriate amount of teasing—that he actually, for a fact, knew the answer. Tim, with all the curiosity of a strung out listening audience did the set up like a finely trained professional volleyball player. And the answer was? “The first thing you know, old Jed’s a millionaire!”

I bring that up because Tim and Mark were creating a special moment. That was 20 some years ago now and I still remember it as a great example.