I was recently on Kure Beach in North Carolina. Beth, my wife, and I were enjoying the beautiful sunset while standing over the water on the Kure Beach Pier. The pier is primarily a fishing pier. Fishermen and women lined up on both sides all the way down to the end.

Standing on the pier and looking out into the vast Atlantic ocean made me think of gaining audience. It is the same for podcasting, radio shows, or vidcasting. Most times, like the ocean, one can’t see the fish in the water. Just flowing water and rolling waves. All kinds of opportunistic creatures above the water, multiple varieties of birds mostly, hovering and poised for their chance to pounce. The water seems endless as does the imagination of fish available for snagging.

Your audience is like that! You can’t see them but you they are out there. Take a hint from the fishermen. After all their profession is as old as biblical teaching, they probably know some things. A fisherman does not come to the pier to fish for fish. They are fishing for a species. They ask questions of other fisherfolks. “what’s biting, and what are they biting on?”

For your show, all you have to do is figure out who your fishing for and what you’re gonna throw in the water to catch ‘em. Does that make us all fishers of man?