What about France?

Another day another tragedy! It is the day after another horrific attack on unsuspecting people celebrating their independence in Nice, France. Checking social media, I’m seeing a trickle of comments about the incident in France. Orlando happened a month ago and American’s were on fire! Is one tragedy worse than the other? Are these tragedies all rooted in same place? What are the political reasons and ramifications of these events? Is there a change underfoot? Wow, lots to think about. Or, maybe you are one of those folks that looks the other way and lets others deal with such issues. Of course, I have my beliefs and my thoughts on the subject; however, this writing is not about that.

I wonder, if you are behind the mic, what you did or what you will do today on your show? There is great power in your distribution, even if you have an audience of only one. There is great power in having a follower. What is your job today, tomorrow, and the following week concerning this subject? Have you thought about it? Do you feel like your restrictions are such that you cannot mention the subject on our show? Here’s one for you. Are you following and reporting (or complaining about) the news or are you making news?

You have amazing power to enrich the life of your followers (listeners/viewers). More than you may know.

I love coaching people behind the mic. I was born for days like today. This is why and when we shine. More than any other performers on the planet, days like today are the days when we have a rare opportunity to serve our fellow man.

Guess what! That moment to shine is different for each on-mic application. My encouragement here is to keep pushing the envelope. Keep asking the question, “how can I serve today?” You have great power behind that mic!

Of course, I’d love to coach you through it.