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Imaging is an amazing adventure! The art of imaging has been going on for years. Researchers have researched the idea so much that the basics are present on almost every radio station in the United States, if not the world. But how does one "color" a radio station if every competitor is getting some, if not all, of the basic right? Grab your crayons!

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All Together Now

Most do not have 27 seconds to spare, let along 27 minutes. However, if you want a fun ride through some creative imaging just click the Audio Button below. This is a compilation (of what I could find) of imaging produced by my teams over the years. One could say I've been lucky to have excellent teams and certainly that is true. However, the consistency of creativity of the years through very different teams in each setting can only lead back to leadership. I just find a way to make it happen through the people and resources given. 


CHR - Hits Now

Imaging in a network environment is a challenge as there are time-zone and geographic restrictions (and much more). That said, we found a way to create fun, relatable imaging for Hits Now.


Hot AC - Network Environment

Creating stationality over hundreds of stations is a trick. You must go deep enough to engage the listener and be generic enough to allow the local guys room to play. Here is a run through the Hot AC Imaging on a Network level. 


Active Rock - Attitude - Rock 2.0

When we launched Rock 2.0 there was nothing like it in the network space. Of course, I had plenty of experience in the space from my time with 98 KUPD in Phoenix. The hybrid creation became the fastest-growing format product in the network. We had a bunch of fun imaging this puppy!

Active Rock - Rock 2.0


Various Branding Projects

GLN was a short-lived lifestyle network project. Using a friendly voice approach and new music to target younger listeners. Next is an eclectic music position commissioned and created in Denver for Martini on the Rockies. Same commissioned project in Denver for One FM-KONN as a music flank to the CHR big daddy in town. Finally, a very successful Hurban project in Phoenix... an event promo sample.

GLN Radio Network - Lifestyle Talk

Eclectic Music Postion - Martini on the Rockies

CHR - New Music Flank

Hurban - Even Promo


Classic Hits

I had the pleasure of programming KOOL-FM in Phoenix to be the number one rated Classic Hits station in the country which lead to my promotion to VP of Programming for CBS. Of course, the people there did all the work and I guided them along the way. I have lots of imaging on my lost hard drives (a crash). For this sample I could only find a weekend campaign sample. Years later, after KOOL, I was tapped to be the guy that created the channel that would replace Scott Shannon's True Oldies. The creation was a huge success as the network only lost four stations in the transition of 80 affiliated stations. Two samples: Imaging and weekly features that played the role of musicologist as we have few staff members.

GTO Imaging

GTO Features

KOOL FM Phoenix - Weekend Campaign


Alternative - The Zone (KZON - Phoenix)

KZON-Phoenix "The Zone" was a special breed. An alternative hybrid with an amazing community presence and on air attitude. Here are some samples from this very special time. Some of these demos are a bit lengthy, but really necessary to get the full spectrum of creativity!

The Zone reacts to 911

The Zone - Concert Ticket Campaign

The Zone Events and Promotional Campaigns

The Zone Wild Lines and Campaigns

After 35 years in the air chair, Tim Maranville is still my Yoda. Doc has constantly energized my career like a 6 foot can of Red Bull and a Colombian keg of coffee on steroids. Even more, his leadership skills align with the way he lives his personal life. Character is more important than intellect. It is rare to find one who instills both in others.
Dave Pratt, Radio Hall of Fame and Owner, Star Worldwide
Tim Maranville is one of the most brilliant and creative programming minds you'll ever encounter. For years, major broadcasters have sought out Tim when they needed someone who could think out of the box to create new, fresh approaches. It's a God-given talent, and you are guaranteed to learn and grow... if you listen
Jon Hamilton, President, Christian FM

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My Book

It is my life's passion to help others succeed. I really didn't get that until much later in my life. What I mean is that I didn't know that THIS was what drove me to make really cool products and successes over the years. My joy in helping individuals lift their game (even when they didn't know it was me) has enriched me beyond compare. Mutations: Talent Coaching, Leadership, and Whimsical Wisdoms is another way that I might help others succeed or find the same joy that I have found. Available on Amazon, Create Space, or hire me and I'll buy a copy for you.


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Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring

Where are you with God? Are you curious? Are you there? Do you think you're there but don't know for sure? Are you confused by churches, pastors, and religious people? Do you think He can't keep up with this crazy entertainment business? Do you feel like you might be "coming out" if you said Jesus (in a loving way) in the halls or outside the studio door? How do you handle gossip? Having programmed and been involved with some of the raunchiest broadcasters in the business and still come out as a ardent follower of Jesus... I might be able to help. I'd love it!


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I wouldn't exactly call it a newsletter...more like, me sending you stuff I thought you might like to know and that might help you do what you do everyday. That's not to say I would send you something everyday. Knowing me, probably not every week....just a way for us to keep in touch.

People Will Talk

Tim is one of those wonderfully balanced people, who can marshal business acumen, analytic skills, and lively creativity, all tempered with solid ethics and human compassion, to solve a problem. I always listen to what Tim Maranville has to say.

Kirk Stirland, President, Programming, Westwood One

Tim is the template on how stations and programming should be run. I am truly honored to have had the pleasure to learn from this man.

Tony Michaels Genberg – Cumulus Media – Owner Trainer at OMG Training & Fitness

If you get a chance, take the time to get to know this remarkable man.

Rob Trygg – Owner, Creative Voice Productions

Tim has a rare and remarkable touch, and innate sense about how to do things right. Most importantly, his steady demeanor, calm attitude, and tendency to build up those around him made us all feel good about our work, and work that much harder. He is a wise and able leader and probably the best I’ve ever worked for.

John Clay – Music Programmer & Voice-Over talent

Tim made me a better air talent… Tim was and still is the secret weapon behind my West Coast success.

Diamond Boy Luis Torres – Afternoon drive El Zol 107.9 Washington D.C. / Program Director at Delta Air Lines

Tim is an exemplary role model and mentor to up-and-coming radio talent. I have sought his advice and expertise on numerous broadcasting topics and he has always provided outstanding guidance and recommendations for me.

Dr. Debra Brittain (Britt) Davenport – President, Davenport Public Relations & Debra Davenport Couture

Not only did I learn a lot from him as a Program Director but it was great to be able to see firsthand how much he cares about his team, always pushing you to the limits to achieve objectives and goals, keeping you motivated and focused.

Norma Duran – Publicist

Tim Maranville! Innovator! Motivator! Accelerator! Tim is always looking for and creating new ways of “redesigning the radio wheel,” to make it roll more effectively towards today’s audience needs.

Blake Powers – 98.7/K-LUV/PM Drive at CBS Radio/Dallas

Tim has a passion for radio that is second to none. His attention to detail and his ability to allow talent to shine is unmatched. I learned a great deal from Tim during my association with him at KFRC San Francisco.

Dean Goss – Morning Co-Host Dean and Sharon Show; Adjunct Professor of Media Studies and Imaging Voice for Cowles Media Television

Tim “Doc” Maranville quickly went from being my Program Director to my mentor at KVIB, and for years after we both left the radio station, I’ve continued to look to Tim for advice & guidance.

Albert Lineses III aka AL3 – 3x National DJ Champion & The Official DJ of the UFC

…an outstanding strategist and truly knows how to use perceptual and music/programming research as a valuable tool for decision-making. At each of the stations we have worked with Tim, the stations he oversaw were successful in accomplishing their stated goals.

Bruce Fohr – Owner, FMR Associates, Inc.

Tim Maranville is one of the brightest people I have ever worked with, in every sense of the word. He understands more about radio and communicating both on and off the air than most in our industry.

Stu Evans – Skilled front-line communicator

Tim is the real thing – smart, creative, hardworking and ready to think outside the box. I worked with him at several different companies and every time I was impressed by his imagination and his programming savvy.

John Parikhal – Partner at Breakthrough Management LLC

Tim Maranville is a one-of-a-kind leader and mentor with a unique perspective. He refuses to follow the status quo, always asking “How can I make this product special?” “How can I make this product work better?” and most importantly “How can I lift this person up and help THEM become better?”

John Fowlkes, National CHR/Hot AC/Programmer

Early in my career Doc advised me that the conversation between host and listener must be deeply personal, that the listener must feel that he/she is being individually addressed. The relationship I have developed with my listeners over the years applying the techniques taught me by Doc have been instrumental in expanding my show from one affiliate to near 200 across America with no end in sight. Whether you’re new to the mic or a seasoned veteran, the words on these pages will help you flourish.

Mark Walters-Syndicated Host of the Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio Daily Defense programs, author and magazine columnist

During my ten years as morning radio personality for CBS in Phoenix, I worked with seven Program Directors. There’s only ONE that I would cross a four lane, two-way highway, blindfolded on merely his command. Tim Maranville! Tim is THE best.

Bill Gardner – On-Air Talent (Phoenix, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego)

Doc is the best! His love for radio and his love for people are the perfect combination for coaching. He has empowered me to find my voice and talked me off the ledge when I was ready to quit! His advice has served me well and helped me not just grow my show, but my business as a personality.

Amanda Carroll – National Christian Radio Personality – Christian FM

When Tim says he has a PASSION FOR HELPING PEOPLE, those aren’t just words. He truly lives to help others. I’ve worked with Tim at two radio networks. Tim teaches his on-air talent to create content like an artist creates a painting. If a performer has a gift, Tim WILL find it and refine it. His encouraging demeanor, faith and goofy humor make him a joy to work with. Read his book and never be boring again. Ever!

Angie Austin – TV personality and nationally syndicated radio host
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