Habits - Voice Tracking


I remember a scene from the movie Crimson Tide starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman. The setting was a submerged submarine where an unexpected fire erupted in the kitchen. At that moment, Hackman's character orders a readiness drill. In an ensuing disagreement with Washington's character, Hackman justifies endangering the crew by pointing out that the readiness routine was more effective when in a state of emergency than at other times. It was inferred that the men would understand the importance of the drills with the unreasonable circumstances. Fortunately, with podcasting, radio shows, or vidcasting nobody dies. However, your audience levels can dwindle enough to put death to you ability of your podcast, radio show, or vidcast to survive. More of my thoughts on habits... and while this video talks about Voice Tracking, it really is for all aspects of your presentation. Take a look.

Habits - Voice Tracking Video