The Half-Truth Game

I found myself sleepless in the middle of the night. Here I sit. Straight up in my vacation bed in Seattle, Washington. A place of peace in a Jesus-filled home of love, grace, mercy, and joy. I’m here for my first days off in over three year’s time. Yet, I am sleepless.  My slumber was […]

Five Social Media Woes

Spending more time with Social Media than you do preparing your show. Social Media is addictive. There is actually a fair amount of research to back up that claim. Addiction is loosely defined as an activity that interferes with normal life. Addiction also comes with fun acronyms like FOMA which is the Fear Of Missing […]

What about France?

Another day another tragedy! It is the day after another horrific attack on unsuspecting people celebrating their independence in Nice, France. Checking social media, I’m seeing a trickle of comments about the incident in France. Orlando happened a month ago and American’s were on fire! Is one tragedy worse than the other? Are these tragedies […]

Habits II

Habits must die! Today I attempt to give you examples of why habits must go away and the tragedy of not examining them on a regular basis. We are in a business, behind the microphone, of repeating the same things over and over and over and over and over again. A Program Director, if you’re […]


I feel there may be a misunderstanding about the idea of topicality. How it really works on the listener. Where the concept originated. Why it is so important. What I’m hearing are behind-the-mic performers that find an interesting story, what we used to be called human-interest, and make that the primary expression of content. While […]

Age Appropriate

Age appropriate, what does that mean? Let’s start with movies. Ocean’s 11 one of my favorite movies. George Clooney is the star. Ocean’s 11, 12, 13—I like all of them. In the first scene of Ocean’s 11, Danny Ocean looks about 20 years younger than George Clooney. In fact, the first time I saw this […]

In the Moment

Being in the moment. Now this is something that I have talked about before and I’ve written about in my book but yesterday I had this what kind of a revelation. I’ve mentioned before that I am part of a number of sharing groups. These groups are a place where people come together and share […]

The Power of Storytelling

Today I want to talk about the power of Storytelling. I belong to a number of sharing groups. The kind of groups where people come together and tell their stories, their heart-hurts. Really, truly, these folks do that in an effort to try to find some peace in their life by telling their stories. We […]


The survey I sent out to a bunch of my on-mic friends yielded some excellent information. The number one answer for not having a coach was cost. I’m working on that one for you. The number two answer was even more revealing. Turns out my on-mic friends—and likely you if you’re not a friend yet—need […]


Today’s topic is assumption. If I show you a picture of the ocean, I assume that you know that the ocean is water and that you know that the picture I’m showing you is a picture of the ocean. I know you’ve seen it before and, because you have a picture, you know what is […]