Coaching – What of France?

What About France   Another day another tragedy! It is the day after another horrific attack on unsuspecting people celebrating their independence in Nice, France. You have amazing power to enrich the life of your followers (listeners/viewers). More than you may know. I love coaching people behind the mic. I was born for days like […]

Coaching – When Tragedy Strikes

¬†When Tragedy Strikes¬†The situation is NOT normal! Something has happened. Something so big that if you didn’t talk about it you’d be unlistenable. You are deeply affected by this event because you are human. You may even feel like you don’t want to get behind the microphone. Conversely, you may be the person that cannot […]

Coaching – What is She Doing?

What is She Doing?   How involved are you in the target listener of your radio show, podcast, or vidcast? Seriously, how much time do you spend trying to figure out the puzzle of your listener mind? In this video the named target is she. Dive in and find out how you might be more […]

Coaching – Honor of Conversation

Honor of Conversation   How do “old sayings” come into being? I have found that this usually happens when someone coins a phrase to help others (and maybe themselves) remember something important. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Let go, let God,” something to remind people to relay on a power higher than them. How […]

Coaching – Habits – Voice Tracking

Habits – Voice Tracking   I remember a scene from the movie Crimson Tide starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman. The setting was a submerged submarine where an unexpected fire erupted in the kitchen. At that moment, Hackman’s character orders a readiness drill. In an ensuing disagreement with Washington’s character, Hackman justifies endangering the crew […]

Coaching – Emotional Transfer

Emotional Transfer   Storytelling is the center of human culture. Wow! That’s a big statement; however, if you think about how we actually build culture–which is the idea that a people act a certain way around reality–it will come clear that storytelling is near the center if not THE center. How does storytelling have the […]

Coaching – Know Your Place

Know Your Place   Did you ever come away from a party or a gather and have someone say that someone else at the party “thought they were all that!?” The person clearly did not discern or even notice the dynamic of the group and where he/she fit in. We once had a house guest […]

Coaching – Creating Special Moments

Creating Special Moments   I have often observed that music radio stations have become nothing more than promotional vehicles for TV and Movies (and now the Internet). Long gone are the days when radio stations, with high frequency, made news instead of reporting it. In the noise created by the constant barrage of sensor stimulation […]