What is She Doing?

Under the heading of “let’s have some great conversation” here is this week’s rant!

What I was thinking about this week was the subject touched on in the last entry: The privilege. The privilege we are given when we get to talk with your listener through the speakers whether that be from a radio station, a podcast, or vidcast.

Assuming the target listener is a she, for this example, I was thinking about the idea of transposing our mind to a different place. For example, what if she (the listener) was the person that you were most in love with? Think about that. The person you that you can’t wait to be around. The person that gets you. The person that laughs at your jokes. The person that smiles, in her eyes, when she sees you. The person that will be there for you when you face troubles. The person that you love. The person that you would say, “I may not be able to take my next breath if that person was not around.” Not Jesus love, but really close! A person here on Earth that you love desperately.

What if she, the listener, was that person? And, if she were that person, and if you knew that she was that when you opened your mic or mouth what do you think that you might drift off wondering “what is she doing right now?” “What is she thinking about?” “Is she lonely?” “Is she having a good time?” “Is she happy?” “Is she laughing?” “Is she crying?” “Is here day chaotic?”

What are all the things she might be doing right now and are you thinking about that before you talk to her? Is your conversation with her about her or about you? If you love her so much, how can you serve her? Your only contact is your voice; how can you serve her? So, before you open the microphone are you asking, “what is she doing right now?” Better yet, what do you want her to be doing after you speak? Do you want her to smile? Do you want her to laugh?

…what is she doing….right now?