The survey I sent out to a bunch of my on-mic friends yielded some excellent information. The number one answer for not having a coach was cost. I’m working on that one for you. The number two answer was even more revealing. Turns out my on-mic friends—and likely you if you’re not a friend yet—need and desire encouragement from a coach.

The idea is that a coach can play a very important role and encouragement. I agree! A coach should be able to encourage you and what you do. A coach should strive to help you to see and realize your true value. I think that one of the most important things is that a coach is NOT there to give you value. A coach is there to help you see your own value and realize it through your hard work. Long after the coaching is done, long after your dispatch that coach and maybe go on to another, you learn how to find encouragement in your performance.

I believe the coach should help you find your talent or just the things that you do very well and then help you to find reinforcements for that gift so that you know where to look when you need encouragement (and your coach isn’t around). In other words, to help you realize a job well-done when you’ve done it well. It is encouraging to know where to look for true, solid affirmation. It’s what I do. I help others find proof that repeats and reinforces. The stories that you can learn from and keep forever—forever encouraging you on your career path.

I feel a sense of urgency in this area because, often times, the coach has an allegiance or agenda that does not belong to you. You need the tools to know the difference and to be self-sufficient when you are on the battlefield.  A coach he should be dedicated to your success. So be encouraged. You’re worth it and you’re good at what you do you have the passion to do it and when you have passion and a gift you will succeed!