Today’s topic is assumption. If I show you a picture of the ocean, I assume that you know that the ocean is water and that you know that the picture I’m showing you is a picture of the ocean. I know you’ve seen it before and, because you have a picture, you know what is pictured. The other day, Beth and I were in church and the song leader said that she wanted to introduce a new song to the church. That is to say, the song was new to the church and not necessarily a new song.

In fact, the song has been on the top charts of contemporary Christian for maybe the last two years. Of course, I know this because I’m in the programming end of the radio business and have involvement in the Christian space. Because of my experience, I’m already singing along with the song. When I look over at Beth, she looks back at me with here beautiful brown eyes wide open and says “This new song is so amazing, I just love it!”

I had to pause because she was not that familiar with the song. A that probably plays 15 times a day on most Christian radio stations. Now my wife is a hard-core believer. Since she was eight years old, she has been singing in church and everywhere else. She L O V E S Christian music, yet, she was someone unfamiliar with this song!

That is your listener! The emotion my wife had at that moment is the emotion your listener feels when they hear the song you are playing. Contrast that with your attitude when you announce it. If you are emotionless to the point of not even recognizing the existence of the song, then you missed an opportunity to engage your listener.

Embrace the music every time…not just the first five times that you play it. Remember, the listener has a life an only hears the music occasionally—no matter how much you play the same songs over and over on your show. Don’t assume they know what you know or live the life of a music aficionado.